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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Giving Your Creative Brain A Rest

It's hard to think about giving your brain a rest.  
Let's think about this...

If your back was hurting, you would sit down. If you had a pain in your foot you would stop walking so much.  For those of us who push it all the time, causing our wrists to ACHE from overuse of our hands.  We eventually need carpel tunnel surgery and therapy after that.  All of these are things are the norm, so when do we allow our brains to rest?  Not Often Enough.

Artist are thinking of their next creation often.  What colors might be used, the subject.
and we don't turn it off.

But  Rest your Brain.  Ideas come better without the pressure of the outcome.

Enjoy art, produce the unknown, say something, play.
Speak with your soul. Give it life. 

Give ideas time to simmer... not always applying the heat to your ART.

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