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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mental Illness Part I

I have spent nearly two years on here talking about my ups and downs with my own depression.  I haven't beaten it, but I am improving and I have learned a lot. I have read about mental health, follow blogs, know about therapy, the pain and believe that art-making helps to cure depression.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. Some people have horrible depression, and mental health issues but they don't believe in taking medication, and they never get therapy. They blame everything on others and have a false sense of reality.
 2.  People with mental illness who never seek treatment only become worse. Group therapy is not for everyone, and  private counseling can be costly.  The cost of having no treatment often makes you turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, overeating, or isolation.
3. Suicide by an overdose may seem a way out,  but unless you really read up on the best drugs and the amount needed for a toxic dose, you are likely to fail, and just end up in the hospital with complications.  Guns and other means are possible, but they may also fail. There is information on the web about all the options.
4. Some mentally ill people are so angry they can physically or emotionally harm others. They feel so bad, they want "company" to share their misery. They belittle the ones closes to them, and have them believing they are needed to help ease their situation.
5. The mentally ill are the victims, but think they have all the answers. They argue with doctors, therapists, and those who have the knowledge to make educated decision.
7. Many of the mentally ill are likely to blame their parents, siblings, friends, family, anyone who has been in their lives.
8. The mentally ill either rarely have hobbies or pets, or surround themselves with animals who they trust more than people.
9. Many people who are suffering may have come from 
violent, abusive, tormented homes. Many suffered with 
learning disabilities in childhood. They lack hope, and rarely speak up about how their physical and mental problems are worse than everyone else. They pretend everything is great. They don't want to stand out.
10. People with a major mental illness may not seek solutions, because they believe there are none.
11. Mentally ill people suffer with trust issues. They want what others have, are jealous of others success, and deny this about themselves.
12. They wait until it is too late to make a change.
13. Sometimes the "help" offered to a person suffering with a mental illness is not a good fit.  Speak up if it feels wrong.
14. Hospitals are not the right place for everyone's recovery.
They are a place to find stability, they are not a long term solution.

I would recommend this from the Huffington Post:

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