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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Does Panic Do Me Any Good?

                  P-A-N-I-C is such a part of me, and it happens
                         so often to me.
                         Panic goes beyond worry for me. 
                         The reality is this:
                         I do panic. It may be irrational to most people,
                         but when I panic, it makes me think: I have
                         to solve this "problem--" or the worse
                         will happen to me.

                         Normal people:
                        Why I better think what to do about this?
                         Real people solve their own problems.
                         Real people don't think it's a big deal.
                         Life happens-- you either deal with it or ignore

                         Then we can talk about me....
                         Everything with me is: This is it!!
                         This is the big one!! I have been waiting for 
                          you. This the end of the world.

                         At least I recognize it now.
                        Someone contacted me about an
                        art commission today.  Can I say YIPPEEE!
                        Fortunately, the end of the world was yesterday,
                        not today,
                                   when I calmly discussed a
                                   huge opportunity. 
                                   She seemed very interested in my
                                   work, and I held my breathe.
                                   -Just like it happens everyday.

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