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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Facebook Face-Off

Like millions if not zillions of people, I have been on Facebook for years.  I took a short leave once but returned. 

Then, crash, A-boom and a bang, my cell phone and laptop died around the same time. So when things were back on track and I had my cell phone and laptop back in working order, I tried to get back on Facebook- not so much to post- but to catch up on my friend's news.

EXCEPT once you are snookered into the (Sad)book site, and with their security so tight, it is hard to even claim you are who you are.

I have tried to get back on.  I have tried their help desk. I have tried Googled, and wikiHow, I've read and asked my friends... but no luck yet. 

On December 1, 2015, Zuckerberg and Chan announced the birth of their daughter Max, and in an open letter to Max, they pledged to donate 99% of their Facebook shares, then valued at $45 billion, o the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, their new charitable foundation with focuses on health and education. The donation will not be given to charity immediately, but over the course of their lives.
Okay I'll give you that!!

                          Did you know MZ is color blind and that's why everything is blue?       
                                  Wow- Good to know!!      
                Good Art Teacher info:  Green  or  Red ?

Mark, (Mark Zuckerberg) are you listening??  I know you're up with the new baby and all- but do you expect us to all be Harvard graduates to understand your security system? I just want to be ME.

Unfortunately, there is no one really employed there at (Sad)book.  Yes, you can only read common Q & A's and if your question doesn't appear, you are out of luck. So I tried to outsmart(Sad)book and make a new account. (Only) NO!! My cell phone number has changed, so my "security" phone number has changed and I can't get anyone to realize I am a real person, not a dead cell phone number, I no longer have access to any of it.
The people (if they work there at all)suggest you send a picture with your photo ID to them. But to who??? If I can't reach a real (Sad)book employee, do you think I am going to send them my ID?

So, my friends CRAZY ALERT:

I did enter my new cell phone number to see if they would accept that. Still no response from them. I did however, hear from a snake
in wolves clothing. "Hey, Baby...." (He found my new number.)

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