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Friday, December 18, 2015

"Tis the Season

Today, I thought it would be funny to stand on a corner with a cardboard sign which read:

    "Honk if you are broke and depressed this Christmas."

I am sure it would upset the "Keep Christ in Christmas"    %
The (to quote an ad this season) the 4-letter word we want to hear the most of all is L-O-V-E and not S-A-L-E.                      %
have Bah-Humbug written all over them.

I started one of those annoying "How my year went this year- Christmas 2015" letters, but I couldn't get it to Rhyme or have a good Rap, or be less depressing than spilling fresh baked cookies on the floor. Yes, "Tis the season.

Called old friends  Except some really are as bad as you
                               had remembered.
Invited old friends over for dinner. When did they start only eating healthy?  (I fixed fried pork chops and cheese potatoes.)
When did postage cost more than the gift itself?
Called the old romance man.... my hands were too shaky to text.
(He doesn't seem to remember anything about why I ended it.)
Minimal decorations in my home = minimal acknowledgement of the holiday. Remembering past Christmases, none were all that great.  Now, you are spending more time with your -Doctors- & -Therapists- than actual Family.
Bill paying for basic utilities hovers over you like a buzzard. Is the credit card my salvation?
B smart, B healthy, B sober--B strong, show some common sense.
Don't cry about all this stuff anymore.  People don't want to hear it.
I don't want to hear it.  Just EAT the Christmas goodies, kiss and hug your dog, as if they were friends and family. Worry less. 
Who says you need your car with the heater out, and low on gas?

Sit, stay, sew and repeat.  Santa will be here soon, lovely as that may sound.  Then another year comes along and you start over again.  That's says it all.  It didn't rhyme, and had a bad rap.
Love you (my 2 children) and to my special folks-- you know who you are.  Praying for you dear MC, and JJ, and those too weak to speak.
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