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Thursday, September 22, 2016


I am invited out to dinner tonight with two women I barely know. The one is the widow of my good friend who pasted away from cancer last February. He was a great man, my friend, and someone I loved and respected in so many ways. His partner, was his companion of thirty plus years, couldn't be more different from me.

Yet, we are working one being friends. When she came to see me in the rehab unit for my foot, she brought me the snacks I requested, but then also brought me a small compact mirror. This isn't a terrible idea, but she probably doesn't know I wear zero makeup and I haven't worn makeup since I stopped working four years ago. I am a plain Jane!

The other woman I barely know is also a widow and a former interior decorator. She met me a few years back at an art opening and I talked to her briefly. The next time, I was getting some artwork photographed by my friend and  he introduced me to her as this great quilter. She was sitting chatting to my friend and he said "Show them some of your quilts."  He was ALWAYS a great salesman for me. She has these big oversized glasses and she is always looking over them at you.  She is intimidating to me.

She ended up buying a small quilt and later had it framed I heard.

So what's the problem? I think the lady who bought my quilts absolutely thinks I am nuts- poor thing, and buying my quilt was an act of charity. I am nervous I won't have anything to talk to her about this evening, and that I will be judged as a flakey artist.  So I have to psych myself up for being "normal" and get rid of my brain fog- due to medication with my foot.

Today, I had a doctor's appointment with an eye doctor and I left "dilated." I was thinking it was no big deal, so I went to my car and drove home. Only at the first light, I was squinting to see the traffic and the sun was burning a hole in my eye. Too bad the brain fog wasn't fully kicked in to go with it.
Yes, I will have to tell myself, be normal, be normal, tonight at dinner.

This is the quilt.  CBJJ


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