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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Surgery Chronicles

I had my surgery and I am now at home. I was really mad- doctor was running two hours behind and I had to lay there with my IV in waiting my turn. Finally I went in for surgery and he did his thing.
Once in recovery... I WAKE UP to the nurse
yelling "Wake Up Mary" to a deaf woman next to me.
I beg to be discharged to my room.
The nurse said I couldn't because my oxygen was low.  I looked over and realized she was reading from a machine which was hooked up wrong.
Finally back in my room, I slept seven hours, and then got up-- and peed all over myself.  I was so
embarrassed!  However, the next day I had dropped my nurse's call button and I tried  to unhook myself so I use the bathroom on my own.  Somehow I pulled the wrong line and sprayed my blood all over the room. It got on the floor, dresser, bed, and even the curtains. I called the nurses in finally and
realizing my mess, I suggested they look on the floor.  Poor nurses.

How can I not get depressed?  Even two days in a hospital can get crazy.
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