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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

That Whole “Tortured Artist” Thing?

   Ah.......... to be normal.
   1. People think you lead a "cool" artist life.
   2. People think it would be so fun to be you!                                                                         3. Where did you get your talent?  I can't draw a straight ____________.

 I struggle. This art thing started out of loneliness.  I would draw and make doll clothes almost everyday in my youth.  I would make believe and made the neighborhood kids put on plays with me, with me as the director.  I got to take art lessons as a child.
 My dad was a farmer at heart and loved working in the dirt, he had a small farm with a  pond, and woods. I enjoyed playing in the woods, fishing and running with my dog. It was there that I feel in love with nature, especially the wildflower, Queen Anne's Lace. 
Translation:  Art comes from practice.  When you make art nearly everyday and learn to make improvements, your work improves.  The child artist does not judge.  But the adult artists is very reflective and can switch in a heartbeat to art devotion to thinking your work is crap.  (...and who want to hold your hand when you are in that mood?)
I know my art is a reflection of  my mind at the time. Sometimes I think too deeply.

I was a child who: Observed nature, by touch, sight, smell, sound, and occasionally by eating sweet berries in the spring.  I was LEARNING to look
I used this to develop my talents.  Plus My acknowledgements for the real grip depression has on me. My critical eye.
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