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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Posting: Should I Continue?


Not sure I have it in me to continue to write Depression Heads. So much is piling up lately.

Nothing I can do about 90% of it.

The Deep depression I have is chronic.
But do people with a similar depression (or not) want to stay and read about it?  Real pain + depression = laying in bed for hours.

Who is the bastard that gave me this depression?

I think I'll post lots and lots of cute puppies and kittens.
Just to GET someone's attention.

 Image result for puppies  

If not for me?  Then will I manage to support others?

P.s. My daughter has it too.  She sent me an email describing her latest run on depression mode.  I think depression runs in families and I am so sorry she has it too.
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