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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Please Stop

Please Stop Faking like a career in a medical field would be good for you if you really don't give a rat's butt about the hours, team cooperation, power struggles between staff, crummy equipment, ego's, doctor's and resident's incomplete instructions, sick people clamoring to get Cheetos as a bed time snack while others plead to be mobile to go to the bathroom.  Yes, we may be smelly after three days, but we are attached to two IV's and can't bathe ourselves.

Save your "you seem depressed" speech on someone who is just waking up to the whole concept. Not someone like myself who has made it an area of research for the last three years.

You didn't have a bad day when you pulverized me to the core- and said that I was depressed and weak. That is like telling a racist joke in upscale restaurant.  It has no business being said, and only the few who are amused and worse openly laugh, target themselves as the most ignorant.

Politicians (2016) are going nuts about what the "people" want right now.  I want them to shut up and let me think my own thoughts.  If we don't get medical care under control from the mistakes made, the over scheduling, lack-luster staff, inferior equipment, medical personal acting like time bombs--  screwed up. We will all be "a little messed up"  because no one listened, took down the correct information and argued over "Will insurance pay for this?"

 Yes, I just had another surgery. 

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