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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Even I can Become Speechless

I picture myself as an advocate for "People Like Me" who suffer with depression and I can't believe
the number of encounters I have had recently with so-called  SMART people
who are truly ignorant of depression.
When I get bumped and bruised enough I just shut down.  My artist soul leaves me and my artist voice is silenced. It is a very sad place to be.  I dread telling others about this place I am in because it isn't pretty.

My one sweet friend asked if there was anything she could do.  I told her no.

Let's be honest here.  Depression is for people in pain and ALONE.
There are programs for those with alcohol and drug addictions, and lots of support. The mentally ill at some level have the support of counselors, groups, group homes, and day programs.

There is VERY little for us who have functioned behind a smiling (or not so smiling face) all these years.  We seek the comfort of an intelligent conversation starting with these words--
"Why ME?...."  I have been labeled high functioning.

 I have revealed a little about myself, and to some I have deep regrets.
 I was bullied.
 I have learned to ask why and more importantly, to ask why are people judging me?

ART is my voice.  When it is silent, it tells me times are truly hard. 

FINALLY Some Art Work

I've been playing around with quilted circles and flower themes.  -Works in Progress-   A mix of hand-dyed, or commercial fabric, hand painted, layered, couched threads, other applications.
Artist  Cathy Jeffers  Art Quilts and MixeD MediA  2016

Cathy at work on her sewing machine. Pfaff Rules!


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