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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Depression and the Importance of Dogs

I use to have three cats and a dog. I gave two cats to my daughter, and I had to put one down because he was ill and thinner than I had ever seen him. He was my favorite and he will always be my buddy- Ozzy.


Peaches is my current dog, a yellow lab who is my companion, friend, arm licker, excited to see me everyday, places muddy paw prints in the house, wants to go bye-bye, my stinker, sweetheart, angel, underfoot, but my pet. She is afraid of only the vacuum cleaner and never saw a squirrel she didn't want to chase down, or a dog walking down the sidewalk she didn't want to bark at. She will go ape over the mailman, and then gently bring me the mail wagging her tail. She loves old socks, soft washcloths and underwear.

Soon, I am going to have surgery and will have the longest rehab stay in a nursing facility in my life. It could be up to three months.  So is it any surprise, that I don't know what do about leaving my dog, even with someone I know.

A dog is the only thing on earth

that loves you more

 than you love yourself.

 -Josh Billings

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