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Friday, August 9, 2013

A Mom too!

This artist is also the mom to two grown daughters.  I remember my first college apartment.  My dad (RIP) had a truckload of furniture magically appear at my apartment and I said thanks at the time-- but had no idea what it takes to get it there.

Daughter #2 didn't realize you couldn't drive the interstate with a mattress strapped to the roof of  mom's car.  Who knew?  (She does get it honest as her parent's first queen size bed came home on  the top of her dad's Fiesta in the rain.)

How did I know I would be going to garage sales with her today... and be following the signs to "Empty the House" from a guy from Michigan with a metal dumpster half filled in the drive making deals.  Poor guy, I told my daughter, he's here for three days and he is trying to knock this out in one weekend. The house smelled like pee I thought.  Thirty-five dollars later, we had her bedroom nearly complete. 

I just saw the house on the Google map tonight--and realize now there are some dag-gone rickety steps to climb to enter this second floor space. I'm not climbing those I said.  This isn't my apartment.

I'm driving a car load of your belongings up to school tomorrow.  No magic delivery.
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