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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oh Mr. Wrong (Re-Mix)


How you mess with my head! That place is pretty wicked already, and your shenanigans just add to the mix.  Yes, shenanigans.
Image result for quote for liars

SOME DAY isn't fair, and isn't good enough.

pet scan of depressed brain chemistry


SO STOP Laying my heart open for your foolish lies, lies, lies. 
Some of us would like some support--
not more piles of kitty litter thrown our way.  Yes, kitty litter. 

I've got to keep this PG for the wicked brain I do have would like to
MESS WITH YOUR HEAD the way you do mine.

My Butt and My Brains > Your Lies and Other Stupid Stuff You Do

#sewinthemoment   #speakingmymind

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