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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Snap Out of It!"

Imagine a world where even SMART People Understood we're not making this up.  That our heads really are wired differently. That medications do help us and keep us from believing how hard it is to function in this world.  We do it everyday, but sometimes it is so hard not to want to scream. STOP judging me.

One of my celebrity GODDESSES is CHER, so imagine how amused I was when my MHP used the image of Cher saying Snap Out Of It to describe my astonishment that when I mentioned to my doctor today that I suffered from depression, his attitude was "Get it Together-" 
I didn't hear what he said after that because I was already feeling my  heart slumping in my chest.

I am going to trust this man with major surgery, and his mouth is going "WAH-WAH-WAH" telling me to get my act together? I understand a positive attitude, but damn, if I knew where that "RE-SET" button was, don't you think I would have pushed it by now?  Just think of me sitting there with my frozen face and acting like everything was great.

Do I start all over with a new doctor?  How hard would that be? (Hopefully finding a doctor with an understanding about depression?) Or do I suck it up like I always do?


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