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Saturday, March 19, 2016


My guardian angel

Why can't I shake this depression?

I believe in Annie. (My Guardian Angel.)

Never compliment yourself.
Never think you are allowed something nice.
And above all- never hint - about the fairy tale ending you wanted to hear, because it is not going to happen.

I am going for the big reveal.  I BELIEVE IN ANNIE!

Annie tells me things like, be happy, negotiate, re-locate, get a new car, get a few other little satisfying toys, and celebrate the big six-0 in a big way. Figure out how to make money. Ignore the crazy stuff in the world.

My friends list has diminished.  Yet I am not really sad about that.

FRIENDS don't last forever.  People who you use to share you deepest feelings with, have a knife handy just to stab you with.  Everyone else is too busy, too sick, to mentally ill, too
isolated to make a friendship worth while.

You can only give them your new phone number so often until you might as well take the hint. Peeps don't give a damn. That goes for the ones you treated like the family you never had and the ones who can not keep their mouth shut... either.

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