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Monday, March 28, 2016

Sadness VS. Laughter

I read about mental illness and depression often.  I have imagined I have every aspect of depression out there at one time or another.  In truth I just have a simple case of major depression.

So when I read about sadness, I think, wow --if only.

To paraphrase someone who actually went to school to become a psychologist:

SADNESS isn't just spending the weekend in you pajamas, watching old movies or eating a ton of junk food to cope after a break up, that is the type of sadness called the BLUES.
Also, there is a time frame for all of this sadness.  There is a
window of two weeks, (assumingly to get over it) and if the
sadness goes on past that, then it is called clinical. (Dr. Serani)

I live my life in RELENTLESS depression.  If I charted it.  I would never be a -0- more like a   2-10 range, it is cyclical, and I hate the days where I am past a 5!!

So imagine my surprise, when I was invited to dinner yesterday with old friends and there was laughter. I am happy to report that much of the laughter came from weird and funny thoughts coming from me.  More than one person at the table thought I should do stand-up comedy; and this was without alcohol in my system.


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