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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

L. B .S

When I was in high school, my two best friends were Sara, a nice Jewish girl, and Nancy a bi-racial, bi-cultural girl who had been adopted by the Wonder Bread family. Her mom's biological children disliked her immensely and gave her a hard time. Nancy was  good student, a great volunteer, charming and had issues with men who couldn't define her heritage  so mostly treated her like crap.
She was a bit heavy, so always worried about packing on the  LBS as she called it.

Sara had it all, with hard working professional parents, but she was experimenting with drugs, bad boys, and learning how to steal even though she didn't need to do it.  She was wanting me to get into her fun loving, dope smoking ways so she encouraged me to get in stuff with her.

I was a firm 260lbs in high school and Nancy and I went out to the disco several nights per week.  I went on a diet and lost 80 lbs and Nancy's family were shocked. I looked good for the first time and was starting to get asked out on dates.

Sara, invited meto go with her to visit th Upper Penisula of MI to visit her sister on summer.  Her sister was living off the land and getting high a lot.  The had a sauna and an out house because they didn't have any indoor plumbing.  One night in the sauna, Sara saw me naked, freaked, and called me out on what a pig I was.  It made the entre trip take a reality turn.

Nancy and I probably still struggle with our weight, even though I haven't seen her in years.  It is our make up.

My L B S are shamefully high. 

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