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Monday, April 18, 2016

Another Battle


This is the battle that always makes me feel BLUE.

From the time I was young I have been heavy, fat, and now, a word I despise, OBESE.  I do know how I got here, I love food.  Rich, gooey, tempting and delicious in many forms and I love it all.

But now, the food "truck" has to pass me on this road. Because holy cow, I am way over my limit, and my passion has to be re-directed into something good for me, not an unlimited amount of what is making me so
heavy I can only think of the pain my body feels every day.
Millions of people are judged by their looks and I admit- I can be judgmental myself. I can honestly say, I see what they see, but I defended myself due to my depression. They made fun of me, said horrible things to me, were rude, and made me miserable. Did I ask for this treatment? NO!!
I am going to try to lose this weight for me. Not planning to do this for my children, nor a romantic partner, or a list of other reasons. I just want to walk without hurting.  I want to get from here to there on two feet.
                                Cats Jumping Over the Moon (Detail) C Jeffers

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