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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mosaic Madness & Mental Illness

I have been in recovery for some time. But I know I have to keep my eyes open and always watch for those things that set my anxiety high and my depression low.

I had to send out a SOS recently to my friends to stop posting about politics, specifically anti-Trump.
I don't regret their posts. They were just coming at just a fast furry in the first two weeks I was on edge. I literally felt like Humpty Dumpty sitting on the edge of the wall... with just a small breeze about to send me off the wall. President TRUMPY DUMPTY has me really, really scared.

I am a MOSAIC.  All of my pieces fit together to make my "WHOLE."

My Pieces are   * The Artist  * The Parent   * The Friend
                         * The Person who has HEALTH PROBLEMS
                         * The Person who removed people who were BAD for me.
                         * The Hopeful One  *The Dreamer  * The Optimist
                         * The Romantic  * The Peacekeeper   * The One Afraid of Chaos
                         *  One Who Dreams of Success
                         *  11:11 Connected
                         *  The person who knows my ISSUES
                         *  Grateful that I understand how I got HERE
                         *  Spiritual and Striving for more INSIGHT

Trump Pieces are?

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