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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dog Therapy

Today, I had two appointments I wasn't looking forward to because I knew they would be difficult.

In my first appointment, the foot doctor told me there was NOTHING MORE he could do. We were done and I would just be seeing him occasionally when needed. I have been with this doctor for almost two years preparing for surgery, him responding to my phone calls, complaints, and tears. Nearly more tears today, but mixed with reality and acceptance, I left.

Fortunately, my dog was waiting for me in my car.  I could have complained to her about my pain... but it didn't come. She was just happy to see me and who can resist that face?

In my second appointment, my mental health check-up,I was going to admit to him that I had obsessed for a week over a comment made three weeks ago.
(Goal: Let things go!)

We talked,discussed and made plans for my future appointments,
 all in an effort to improve myself and learn to be more positive.
There were more tears... some were tears from my past, others were tears for what is happening now.

The elevator was out of order, and I had to take the freight elevator since I couldn't take the stairs.

But I had my dog in the car when I got out and I talked dog talk all the way home.
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