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Friday, December 30, 2016

Falling in Love with HOPE

                      it is something very vague to me

                     I know I am picky, but I can't even find a good 
                     "Hope" quote on the internet that isn't too sappy.

                     So here is my Hope List in no particular order.

                    Drinking too much coffee and hoping to get
                                to the bathroom in time.

                    Doing something up to the last minute and
                    hoping you won't be late for an appointment.

                    Hoping the friends you have today will still be
                                          there tomorrow.

                    Having another health set-back and clearing it
                    from your mind hoping you can cope and
                    only a few people would understand anyhow.

                Hoping your beloved pet with be with you a long time.

                         Knowing that dreams often come true.
                   My family is not perfect but I am hoping we can
                                 go on and love each other.

                   My blog started to heal myself, but my words
                           have reached over 6,000 views.

                    My depression and my confidence    
                         improves every time I write
                              something positive.
                            Happiness and more...

                                   Art by CBJ J

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